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Archery Styles



Archers shoot over measured distances either metric (metres) or imperial (yards) at a paper target of concentric circles there are many different 'rounds' and scoring systems. 



Derived from bowhunting, archers shoot over unmeasured distances at flat paper or foam 3D targets usually depicting a game animal, though of late giant spiders and even zombies have appeared on field courses. targets are typicaly set in woodland where natural obstacles such as fallen trees are employed to make the shot more challenging.



A Variant of Field archery in which archers shoot over both measured and un measured distances at different sized targets of concentric circles. basically target archery over a variety of different terrain. 



Originally training for war, the clout is a small flag or other mark set on the ground archers shoot at long distances typically 180 yards, arrows are shot into the air to drop on to the mark.  


Sometimes called the Formula one of archery. Competitors have to shoot the arrows as far as they can. They shoot 24 arrows which must be shot at 45 degrees the the horizontal 

For the longbow archer typical distances will be around 300 yards. For a compound flight bow around 1000 yards.

The furthest anyone has shot an arrow is 2,047 yards shot by an American archer Harry Drake in 1988 using a crossbow.  The greatest distance with a hand pulled bow is 1,336 yards set by Don Brown in 1987 using a recurve bow. some recurve! The English longbow weighs in at 371 yards shot by Alistair Aston in  2007.



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